MUAY Thai with kru wutthidet kiatyongyut

Kru Wut hteaches MUAY Thai from Beginners through to advanced.

Wut has 20 years experience in MUAY Thai both as a fighter and a trainer.

with 300+ fights on his record he has the knowledge and experience in the sport to share with all of his students.


Nick has been involved in Martial Arts for 25+ years. Starting off with Shotokan Karate and completing his Black Belt, winning a QLD, Australian and International Freestyle Kumite as well as competing in Kyokushin Bare Knuckle Fighting.

For the last 9 years Nick trained under 10x World Champion John Wayne Parr and had 31 Professional Muay Thai Fights and won WBC & WKBF Queensland titles and is now the current WBC Oceana Heavyweight Champion.

Nick is a Certified Pad Holder, Registered Fight Trainer, Promoter of a 10 week fight challenge "Wanna be a Kickboxer" and INFLICTION Fight Series.


Memberships at our gym have no set up fees, no cancellation fees and there is NO LOCK IN CONTRACT!!

We have classes in

- Muay Thai (Beginner/Intermediate Classes as well as seperate Advanced Classes)

- Boxing

- Kickboxing

- Boxing for Fitness

- Kickboxing for Fitness

We have seperate classes for Beginners through to Advanced for Technique and classes solely for Fitness.

Our Trainers are Qualified and Professional and have endless knowledge to share with our students.


Fight World Gym officially opened up their doors at the beginning of February 2019 and the Timetable is filling up already

Our Memberships provide you with UNLIMITED access to all classes.

as our students numbers grow, more classes will become available!


We sell Rising Sun GI's!

8oz through to 16oz - White or Black

Judo GI's Blue or White 100% cotton

Canvas GI's White or Black 100% Cotton

Affordable and sizes range from 0000 - 7


Muay Thai is a perfect activity for a child, as it trains their body, mind and soul.

There are many benefits in Muay Thai training for your Child and it isn't only about it being a lot of fun.

It will equip your child with extremely important and valuable life skills, which will inevitably carry into adulthood.

They will get fit and healthy as well as improve their cardio, balance, stamina, and strength – all key components to being healthier and active!

Classes are fun and dynamic, offering a range of exercises that focus on different areas that will improve your child’s overall health and fitness level.

Confidence comes from being able to learn and grow. Children will feel proud about finally mastering that new move or technique.

Bowing, touching gloves and giving each other high fives to teammates and instructors, are all ways of saying “thanks,” and showing respect to each other. This will allow your child to develop a sense of respect for the people they are working with.

Muay Thai requires an adequate amount of self-discipline. It starts from being able to focus on what the instructor is teaching and using those directions to work through the class. 

It teaches you how to literally take a hit and keep going. In life, your child will take many “hits,” and will have to learn to get back up each time. Muay Thai is perfect for instilling this mindset into your child as it will make overcoming obstacles seamless and easy.